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This is a suite of utilities for users interested in Short-Wave and VHF/UHF listening to mainly digital Aviation and Shipping networks.
The utilities take the output from decoders such as MultiPSK, PC-HFDL, Acarsdeco2 and DumpVDL2 and display expanded details
on a spreadsheet type grid.

This is an updated version of Display-Launcher (dated 15th April 2021). A number of bugs have been fixed and 
some modules have had a number of changes made.
Please note that due to ill health I am no longer able to continue to update the earlier version which included
the ability to work under some European versions of Windows. That version should continue to work OK
but will not include improvements made in the new version.

This is a completely new stand-alone program which is similar to other Display-Launcher modules, but in this
case, it scans the log files of up to 10 instances of JAERO to read L-Band ACARS traffic from the Inmarsat satellites
in 600, 1200 and 10500 bps streams.

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