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TS-Tools Full Version         This is the full version of the program, TS-Tools v1.0.53 dated 31 Oct 2020
                                                       an updated help file is included. This program replaces RW_Tools. 
                                                       IF YOU ALREADY HAVE TS-TOOLS OR RW-TOOLS, USE THE UPDATE
                                                       FILE BELOW RATHER THAN INSTALL THE WHOLE LOT AGAIN.                This is the .exe only for v1.0.72 - See ReadMeFirst.txt for changes
Store Them                A utility which may be placed in the TS-Tools folder which allows the user
                                                         to select routes he commonly uses and to copy the remainder of his routes
                                                         and scenarios to a separate folder, thus allowing TS2020 to be more stable
                                                         and to load faster. Read the help file first!!

   Thumbnails.7z                          Library of thumbnail images for use with TS-Tools. This library is optional
                                                                but adds flexability to TS-Tools in displaying pictures of assets. (160megs)
                                                                    The library is now in a single 7zip file and contains over 8000 images. Use
                                                                     7zip to unzip them into the folder TS-Tools\Thumbnails

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