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TS-Tools Full Version         This is the full version of the new program, TS-Tools v1.0.36 dated 10 June 2020 
                                                       an updated help file is included. This program replaces RW_Tools.                This is the .exe only for v1.0.39 - fixes a bug in the Index Route Properties section
                                                         whereby the first route (usually Great Western Mainline) was omitted from the 
                                                         index file and hence did not appear in the list of routes. Also includes a box where
                                                         you can stop the red warning box appearing in 'Check Routes'.  Just copy the 
                                                         enclosed TS-Tools.exe and copy it into your TS-Tools folder, overwriting the 
                                                         earlier one. v1039 fixes a warning box which appears 'off screen' on smaller 
                                                         monitors, this update centres the box on screen. Sorry for that one.

Store Them                A utility which may be placed in the TS-Tools folder which allows the user
                                                         to select routes he commonly uses and to copy the remainder of his routes
                                                         and scenarios to a separate folder, thus allowing TS2020 to be more stable
                                                         and to load faster. Read the help file first!!

   Thumbnails.7z                          Library of thumbnail images for use with TS-Tools. This library is optional
                                                                but adds flexability to TS-Tools in displaying pictures of assets. (160megs)
                                                                    The library is now in a single 7zip file and contains over 8000 images. Use
                                                                     7zip to unzip them into the folder TS-Tools\Thumbnails

RW_Tools Full Version          This is the full version of the program v8.1.16 - This will be the final version of the 
                                                        program. It will remain here for those who do not want to try  TS-Tools.
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