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Early photographs on this site were taken by me using an Olympus C-740 camera with 10x zoom lens plus an Olympus TCON-17 tele-converter where required. Later ones were taken with a Panasonic Z30 camera with 12x zoom lens. As the Z30 is a 8 megapixel camera, details are much better. Once again the TCON-17 is used for long range shots. Finally I obtained a Panasonic FZ-28 camera with an 18x zoom lines which with the TCON-17 gave 32x zoom. All photographs are copyright the author and may not be used for any purpose without my prior permission.

Photographs on this site were mainly taken in the Penrith/Nepean River area of NSW. Some are not included because certain species just refuse to pose for me! and some simply because when I see them the camera is at home.... Some pictures are of poor quality and will be replaced as I get better shots of the same bird.

In a few cases, I have included photographs of birds which are found in this area, but which I have not managed to photograph locally, but have managed to find when touring other parts of NSW, plus a few waders I have photographed along the NSW South Coast. I have also included the Little Penguin because I took the photos of it, and although this one was in Victoria, they do occur in Sydney Harbour, so are really not all that far from Penrith.

Finally, I have included some Tasmanian species seen on a holiday in Tasmania.

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